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Saturday October 3rd at 1:30PM 

Signing and Reading by Ian Brace and Joan Soggie;

for their First time at SK Books & Collectibles Inc    919C Albert Stree
Free Admission

Ian Brace,  an archaeologist who is a dedicated student of these sites, he passes the torch to others who desire to better understand the cultural underpinnings of these rare and fascinating features.

Joan Soggie, with her first book, Aiktow -introduces us to an area of the province with a diverse history and many stories, which are well documented within the end notes and bibliography.

Looking For Aiktow:   Stories Behind the History of the Elbow of the South Saskatchewan River

"The stories indeed the several mysteries- of this famous locale of the major river that flows through the Canadian Prairies are skillfully re-told and explored in Looking for Aiktow....."
Boulder Monuments of Saskatchewan
"As agriculture and other activities alter the face of the remaining native prairie, we are constantly losing surface archaeological sites- tipi rings, cairns, and medicine wheel and effigy figures and other boulder monuments.  This book is meant to further the ongoing educational effort that needs to be carried out to preserve and protect these wonderful unique and precious sites."
    Boulder Monuments