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  Inventory No. 255

Obodiac, Stan.

This You Rejected

Stan Obodiac, Yorkton, 1953, First Edition, Illustrated Paper Wraps 22.0 cm, 23 pp
No Dust-jacket as Issued/ Very Good     There is discolouration to spine edge and top(sunning). The paper is supple and starting to brown. There is a x-libris stamp on front cover.
These are the 1953 radio campaign speeches of Social Credit candidate Stan Obodiac, for the Federal Constituency of Yorkton... (peel 7419)
$ 45.00   ORDER     ( Stan Obodiac, Social Credit, Politics, Federal, Yorkton )

  Inventory No. 168

Government of Canada.

Appendix No. 6 Select Committee on Agriculture and Colonization: Minutes of Proceedings and evidence and Report

Government of Canada, Ottawa, 1929, First Edition, Paper Wraps 25.0 cm, lvi, 815 pp
Near Fine/ Very Good     The book has a couple of chips and tears. There is bumping at the corners
''inspection and grading of grain, generally, and of the administration of the Canadian Grain Act.'' If you ever wanted to know all about the grain trade in 1929 this item would be a great reference, examples of actual grading, and the extent to which, grain companies used there discretion in handling grain from farmers in Saskatchewan. Motherwell and McPhail are key players for Saskatchewan. .
$ 85.00   ORDER     ( Grain, Saskatchewan Wheat Board, McPhail, Motherwell )

  Inventory No. 169

Dye, Eva Emery.

McDonald of Oregon: A Tale of Two Shores
Walter J. Enright,
A. C. McClurg & Co., Chicago, September 15, 1906, First Edition, Illustrated Cloth Covered Boards (Hardcover) 20.5 cm, 395 pp adverts.
No Dust-jacket/ Very Good     The book shows light soiling and rubbing. The head and foot of spine show light loss, the black writing is still visible though light. The interior loose at the first signature. All illustrations accounted for.
This is the life story of Ranald McDonald son of Archibald McDonald and Princess Sunshine. Princess Sunshine was the daughter of King Cumcumly. The story is based on personal statements and letters of McDonald and other old Hudson Bay men. With the death of Ranald's mother at birth, Archibald McDonald later married Jane Klyne a daughter of Michel Klyne. Archibald and Jane lived and moved between the west coast and the Red River, taking Ranald with them.
$ 65.00   ORDER     ( Cumcumly, Archibald McDonald, Jane Klyne, Ranald McDonald, M├ętis, Chinook, Japan, )

  Inventory No. 175

Mackay, Douglas.

The Honourable Company: A History of the Hudson's Bay Company

McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1949, 2nd Edition Revised, Cloth Covered Boards (Hardcover) 23.5 cm, xiv 15-397 pp includes appendices and index
No Dust-jacket/ Very Good     The book has a light bump to corner and light rubbing to edges. The interior is clean and tight.
This edition is revised to 1949 by Alice MacKay. Illustrated throughout with maps, photographs and illustrations.
$ 55.00   ORDER     ( Hudson Bay, MacKay, Western Canada, Fur Trade )

  Inventory No. 184

Higinbotham, John D..

When The West Was Young : Historical Reminiscences of the Early Canadian West

Herald Printers, Lethbridge, 1978, 2nd Edition, Embossed Cloth (Hardcover) 20.5 cm, ix, 328 pp includes index
No Dust-jacket as Issued/ Near Fine     Clean, tight and bright.
This 2nd edition illustrated with photographic reproductions. When the West Was Young, gives a vivid description of early Alberta, including Fort Whoop-Up.
$ 30.00   ORDER     ( Alberta, Fort Whoop-Up, Foothills, Plains )

  Inventory No. 186

Gregory P. Marchildon (Editor).

Immigration & Settlement, 1870 - 1939

Canadian Plains Research Center, Regina, 2009, First Edition, Cloth Covered Boards (Hardcover) 24.0 cm, vii, 608 pp includes index
Fine/ Fine     Fine as new
This work is enlarged and enhanced with illustrations , reproduction photographs, maps and tables. A quote from the dust jacket. This book is the second volume of the new ''History of the Prairie Series''...Focusing on previously published work in the Prairie Form.
$ 40.00   ORDER     isbn 9780889772304 ( Immigration, Settlement, Occupancy, Saskatchewan, North West, Rebellion )

  Inventory No. 187

Cyr, Ernest J..

Monseigneur Joseph Norbert Provencher : Quelques Consideration sur sa vie et son temps

Club ''Le Canada'', Saint Boniface, 1919, First Edition, Paper Wraps 22.5 cm, 16 pp
No Dust-jacket as Issued/ Good     This is an x-library copy with all the faults. The spine is split. Interior is clean.
Frontispiece of the Monseigneur is in very good shape. A history of Monseigneur Joseph Norbert Provencher, in the North West. This item is in French.
$ 10.00   ORDER     ( North West, Monseigneur Joseph Norbert Provencher, )

  Inventory No. 188

Cyr, Ernest J..

Monseigneur Alexandre Antonin Tache O. M. I.: Conference donnee sous les auspices de ''l'Union-Canadienne'' a Saint-Boniface le 25 Janvier 1920

Mgr A. Beliveau, Archbishop of Saint-Boniface, Saint-Boniface, 1920, First Edition, Paper Wraps 19.5 cm, 28 pp
No Dust-jacket as Issued/ Good     This is an x-library with all the faults, no pockets. The interior is clean, there is a stamp to ffep. The cover has rubbing and a closed tear.
The item is in French. It looks like a short history of Monseigneur Alexandre Antonin Tache O. M. I. Mentions Riel and the north West.
$ 25.00   ORDER     ( Metis, Northwest, Tache, Saint-Boniface )

  Inventory No. 190

Healy, W. J..

Women of Red River : Being a Book Written From the Recollections of Women Surviving From The Red River Era

The Women's Canadian Club, Winnipeg, 1970, 5th Printing, Illustrated Cloth Covered Boards (Hardcover) 21.5 cm, 261 pp
Very Good/ Very Good     The dust-jacket and book are in good to very good condition. The dust-jacket has light sunning and rubbing. There are a number of small closed tears. The interior has pencil notations and underling to a few pages. Presents in very good condition.
The book has early sketch map endpapers of the Red River area. The time period for the stories approximately 1840 to 1900.
$ 20.00   ORDER     ( Red River, Winnipeg, Women, North West, Northwest, Canadiana )

  Inventory No. 194

Berton, Pierre.

The Promised Land: Settling the West 1896 - 1914
Tom McNeely,
McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, [1984], First Edition, Faux Leather (Hardcover) 25.0 cm, 388 pp includes bibliography, notes and index
No Dust-jacket as Issued/ Near Fine     The book and slipcase are in Near fine condition, clean bright and tight.
Of settlers and the politics of settling the Canadian West.
$ 40.00   ORDER     isbn 077101242x ( Western Canadiana, settlers, Land Speculation, Slums, Brothels )

  Inventory No. 195

MacGregor, J. G..

John Rowand: Czar of the Prairies

Western Producer Prairie Books, Saskatoon, [1978], First Trade Paperback Edition, Illustrated Card Covers 23.0 cm, [vii] 1-184 pp includes epilogue, notes and index
No Dust-jacket as Issued/ Very Good     There is light rubbing and creasing to book.
This is a biography of John Rowand, who ventured into the untamed Canadian West. Interspersed with maps, illustrations and reproduction photographs, the research from the Rowand papers gives a very detailed account of the persons and life in the west.
$ 20.00   ORDER     isbn 0888330057 ( Rowand, MacGregor, Canadian West, fur trade, exploration. )

  Inventory No. 198

Editor: Douglas Kemp.

Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III Number 14

Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba, Winnipeg, 1959, First Edition, Paper Wraps 23.0 cm, 70 pp
No Dust-jacket as Issued/ Very Good     Soiling to covers, otherwise very good.
Articles include: Early Manitoba Newspapers (A. M. Pratt), The Hudson Bay Railway (Earl), Sir Hugh John Macdonald(George P. McLeod), The origin and growth of Western Canadian Aviation(Roy Brown) The article written about MacDonald was taken from letter and diaries, Hugh MacDonald had written home. They pertained to the trip out and back from the Riel Rebellion.
$ 20.00   ORDER     ( Riel Rebellion, Historical Manitoba, Western Canada, Manitoba )

  Inventory No. 204

Stubbs, Roy St. George.

Four Recorders of Rupert's Land : A brief Survey of the Hudson's Bay Company Courts of Rupert's Land

Peguis Publishers, Winnipeg, [1967], First Edition, Illustrated Cloth Covered Boards (Hardcover) 22.0 cm, 192, pp includes index
Very Good/ Near Fine     The dust-jacket has a chip out of the top front, otherwise very good. The book and dust-jacket combine to make this item very good to near fine.1
Illustrated with endpaper maps showing upper Fort Garry, Four Recorders describes the history of the, Red River Settlement, as recorded by; Adam Thom, Sir Francis Godshall Johnson, Dr. John Bunn and John Black.
$ 30.00   ORDER     ( Red River, Manitoba, Western Canada, Hudson Bay, Traders, Fur, Law )

  Inventory No. 167

Tyrrell, J. B..

Algonquian Indian Names of Places in Northern Canada: From the Transactions of the Royal Canadian Institute, Toronto

University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1915, Reprint, Paper Wraps 25.5 cm, 19 pp
No Dust-jacket/ Very Good     The item shows light soiling and rubbing to edges with a small closed tear 3mm. The interior staples show rusting, the paper is clean. Avery nice item.
Pages 213 to 231, from the transactions, read 20th March, 1915. By J. B. Tyrell, M. A. F.R.S.C.. '' made it necessary for me to travel through some of the more remote parts of Northern and Western Canada...the names are in the language of the Cree Indians, unless definitely stated to be in Ojibway.'' The work is in table form, with Indian Name and Meaning, along with the Present Name and latitude and longitude of the area. With remarks for each. The places are within Manitoba and Western Ontario.
$ 45.00   ORDER     ( Cree, Ojibway, Western Canada, )

  Inventory No. 221

Cowie, Isaac.

The Company of Adventurers : A Narrative of Seven Years in the Service of the Hudson's Bay Company during 1867-1874 on The Great Buffalo Plains With Historical and Biographical Notes and Comments

University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 1993, Revised Edition, Illustrated Card Covers 21.5 cm, 515 pp includes appendices and index with terms
No Dust-jacket as Issued/ Near Fine     Clean and tight with no markings in book, as new
With a new introduction by D. R. Miller, describing how Cowie fit into the system and his subsequent early retirement in 1891. The book describes the inhabitants of the Qu'Appelle Valley. The book is based on Cowie's diaries related to the early fur trade in the Canadian north west from 1867 to 1891. The book details the everyday life and people who had relied upon each other to survive.
$ 50.00   ORDER     isbn 0803263503 ( Metis, Cowie, Hudson Bay, Fur Traders, Cree, Assiniboine, Posts, Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan )

  Inventory No. 834

Newman, Peter C..

Caesars of the Wilderness : Company of Adventurers Volume II

Viking -Penguin Books Canada Limited, Markham, 1987, First Edition, Cloth Covered Boards (Hardcover) 25.0 cm, xxv, 450 pp includes appendices & index
Near Fine/ Near Fine     Book and jacket are in near fine condition. Book is tight and clean
Section heading: Empire Triumphant. Peter C. Newman's thought on the British coming into western Canada under the guise of the Hudson Bay Company.
$ 125.00   ORDER     isbn 0670809675 ( Peter C. Newman, Caesars, Hudson Bay, Wilderness, frontier, orange men, MacDonald )

  Inventory No. 257

Smith, David E..

The Regional Decline of a National Party: Liberals on the Prairies

University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1981, First Trade Paperback Edition, Illustrated Card Covers 23.0 cm, xviii, 188 pp includes notes & index
No Dust-jacket as Issued/ Very Good     Clean and tight, this item is very good to near fine.
A quote from the dust jacket. Smith views the reforms which helped restore the Liberals to federal power after the defeat in 1957 as a primary cause of the party's continuing poor electoral performances....
$ 20.00   ORDER     isbn 0802064302 ( Liberal, National Party Canada, Western Canada )

  Inventory No. 520

Editor: Barbara Belyea.

Columbia Journals: David Thompson

McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal, 1998, First Trade Paperback Edition, Illustrated Paper Wraps 23.0 cm, xxv, 336 pp includes notes, maps, sources and index
No Dust-jacket as Issued/ Near Fine     The book is clean and tight, with light rubbing to covers. This is a remainder.
David Thompson records his explorations and observations, of the Columbia River basin for the North West Company.
$ 25.00   ORDER     isbn 0773517529 ( Columbia, Exploration, Western Canadiana, David Thompson )

  Inventory No. 530

MacEwan, Grant.

Between the Red and the Rockies

Western Producer Prairie Books, Saskatoon, 1981, 2nd Printing, Illustrated Card Covers 21.0 cm, xi; 300 pp includes index
No Dust-jacket/ Very Good     The book has a previous sticker removal mark on front cover. The interior is bright and clean. This is a very good to near fine copy.
Illustrated with b/w images and maps. This is the story of agriculture from the Red River to the Rockies too the 1970's.
$ 20.00   ORDER     ( Agriculture, Western Canada, Canadiana, Metis, pioneers, Homesteading )

  Inventory No. 533

Young, Egerton.

Stories From Indian Wigwams and Northern Campfires

Coles Publishing Company, Toronto, 1974, Facsimile Edition, Illustrated Card Covers 21.0 cm, 293 pp
No Dust-jacket/ Very Good     The book has light rubbing and small chip to cover. The interior is clean and bright.
Illustrated through out in b/w. This is a story of a remarkable adventure in the wilds of Western Canada and the Red River.
$ 30.00   ORDER     ( Missionary, Western Canada, Wigwam, Canoe, Dog train, HalfBreed, a Metis )

  Inventory No. 534

Steele, Samuel B..

Forty Years in Canada : Reminiscences of the Great North-West with Some Account of his Service in South Africa

McGraw Hill Ryerson Ltd., Toronto, 1972, Reissue, Hard Cover 22.0 cm, xvii; 428 pp includes index
Very Good/ Very Good     This is an x-library copy with pocket and stamps. The copy is in very good condition.
Steele fought against the Fenian, and was on the Red River Expedition against Louis Riel's Metis. He was knighted for his services after serving in the First World War.
$ 25.00   ORDER     isbn 0070774803 ( Metis, Riel, North-West, Steele, Gold, Whiskey, Crime, NWMP, RCMP )

  Inventory No. 535

Campbell, Marjorie Wilkins.

The North West Company

The MacMillan Company, Toronto, 1957, First Edition, Hard Cover 22.5 cm, xiv; 295 pp includes notes, and index
Poor/ Very Good     The dustjacket has the bottom half missing on the front panel and a large chip out of the spine at the top. There is a withdrawn stamp on ffep.
The book with the endpaper maps showing the principle trading stations of the North West Company. When the first North West Company Co-partnership was formed in Montreal in 1779 the fur trade was North America's major industry and the only business of any account. Campbell gives an account of the Seven Oaks Massacre, where the Metis had come together as an identifiable force in Western Canada, under Cuthbert Grant.
$ 40.00   ORDER     ( Metis, Northwest, North West, Hudson Bay, Simon Fraser, Red River, Norwest )

  Inventory No. 536

Ross, Alexander.

The Red River Settlement : Its Rise, Progress, and Present State. With some account of the Native Races and its General History, to the Present Day

Ross and Haines, Inc., Minneapolis, 1957, Numbered Limited Edition, Hard Cover 22.5 cm, xvi; 416 pp includes appendices
No Dust-jacket/ Very Good     There is sunning to spine the book. The corners are rubbed and the bottom of the boards show shelf wear.
This is a numbered copy No. 1242 of a limited edition of 1500. The book chronicles the Red River Settlement from its beginning to approximately 1850.
$ 60.00   ORDER     ( Red River, Selkirk, Metis, Hudson Bays, Settlement, Exploration, Fur Trade. )

  Inventory No. 538

MacGregor, J. G..

John Rowand Czar of the Prairies

Western Producer Prairie Books, Saskatoon, 1978, First Trade Paperback Edition, Illustrated Card Covers 23.0 cm, (4); 189 pp includes epilogue, notes and index
No Dust-jacket/ Very Good     Light rubbing to edges. The interior is clean and bright.
Situated in Edmonton, John Rowan as a Chief Factor of the Hudson Bay Company, ruled over the North West to the Pacific Ocean for a period of thirty some odd years.
$ 30.00   ORDER     isbn 0888330057 ( Hudson bay Company, Metis, North West, Rowan, Chief Factor, Edmonton, Coleville )

  Inventory No. 550

Hill, Douglas.

The Opening of the Canadian West : Where Strong Men Gathered

The John Day Company, New York, 1967, First American Edition, Cloth Covered Boards (Hardcover) 22.0 cm, xii; 291 pp includes bibliography and index
Near Fine/ Near Fine     A Bright fine copy with a clean interior.
A quote from the dust jacket. it was not the settlers who had opened up this land, but fur traders, fierce bands of half-breeds, missionaries, gun-toting miners, mounted police, revolutionaries and railroad builders--some legendary, and many more than a little unsavory.'' This is Douglas Hills account of the west.
$ 40.00   ORDER     ( Indian, Metis, Half-Breed, Canadian West, )

  Inventory No. 552

Stanley, George F. G..

The Birth of Western Canada : A History of The Riel Rebellions

University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1963, Reprint, Illustrated Card Covers 21.0 cm, xiv; 475 pp includes notes, index
No Dust-jacket/ Very Good     The cover shows rubbing and light bumping. The interior is clean and tight.
This updated book on the Riel Rebellions of 1869 and 1885, by George F. G. Stanley, is a dispassionate study of the milieu and the climate of opinion which influenced Riel, and of the Metis concern over prospective political, social, and economic change.
$ 12.00   ORDER     ( Metis, Riel, Rebellion, North-West, Canada, 1885 )

  Inventory No. 569

Campbell, Marjorie Wilkins.

The Nor' Westers : The Fight For the Fur Trade
Illingworth Kerr,
Macmillan Book Publishing Group, Toronto, 1954, First Edition, Hard Cover 21.5 cm, 176 pp
Very Good/ Very Good     The jacket has rubbing and open and closed tears to edges. The book has light bumping to the corners, it is clean and bright. Previous owners stamp on title page.
A book published by Macmillan for the Great Stories of Canada Series. The North West Company formed for the purpose of extracting furs from western Canada in the 18th Century. The Nor'Westers themselves included, Alexander Mackenzie, David Thompson, Peter Pond, Simon Fraser, The McGilvarays and the voyageurs. The book is illustrated in two tone, with map endpapers depicting the River forts in western Canada.
$ 30.00   ORDER     ( North-West, Nor'Wester, Fur Trade, Furs, Western Canada, Hudson Bay )

  Inventory No. 729

Boon, Clarence A..

J.K. Ranch : An Unwanted Child
Terry McLean,
Clarence A. Boon, Brandon, 1987, First Edition, Illustrated Paper Covers (Hardcover) 23.0 cm, iv; 240 pp
No Dust-jacket/ Very Good     There is light rubbing to edges and bumping to spine tips. The interior is clean and tight.
This is the authors 14th book in sixteen years.
$ 50.00   ORDER     isbn 092043617x ( Boon, )

  Inventory No. 777

MacEwan, Grant.

Blazing the Old Cattle Trail

The Western Producer Prairie Book Service, Saskatoon, 1972, Fifth Printing, Hard Cover 22.0 cm, 248 pp
Very Good/ Very Good     The jacket has tearing closed and open to the edge. The jacket is clean. The book has a slight roll and shows light rubbing to spine and corner tips. The interior is clean and bright.
A quote from the dust jacket. Many of the people and episodes in Blazing The Old Cattle Trail formerly existed only as local heroes.
$ 20.00   ORDER     ( Western Canada, Cattle, Trail, Canada, MacEwan )

  Inventory No. 220

Tremaudan, Auguste-Henri de.

Historie de la Nation Metisse dan L'Ouest Canadien
Marcel Lemaire,
Editions des Plaines Inc., Saint-Boniface, 1979, Revised Edition, Illustrated Card Covers 21.0 cm, 448 (2) pp includes bibliography, appendices and table of contents
No Dust-jacket as Issued/ Very Good     The book is clean and tight, there is a small rubbed area on back cover, neatly written gift inscription on ffep.
The book is in FRENCH. Preface: but between 1936 and publication of the 1979, that changes in work, in the historical interpretation of the facts, especially in the thinking and attitudes of Canadians
$ 20.00   ORDER     isbn 0920944019 ( Metis, Nation Metisse, L'Ouest Canadien, North-West, Aboriginal )

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