SKBooks & Collectibles has a varied selection of first editions in fiction and non-fiction.  If you dare to indulge your cravings we have; classic science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We also have cookbooks and young adult fiction for the adventurous reader!
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Authors for Indies Day 2016; Alexandra Popff, Annette Bower, Bruce Rice, Liza Guenther, Heather Mann were just a couple of the authors reading and helping with customer inquiries.  Thank you all for a great day.
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SK Books has a diverse selection of Canadiana, with an emphasis on exploration and the cultural history of Western Canada.
SK Books & Collectibles Inc is a Canadian bookseller in Regina, Saskatchewan selling new, used, and out of print books in the BookStore at 919C Albert St.
Recent Acquisitions

Wisemans Wager         Trouble with Beauty             This land we Call Home             Entangled Roots         Woman of Substance                 Wildness Rushing In    
Wiseman's Wager   Trouble with Beauty    The Land         Entangled Roots  Woman of Substance  Wildness Rushing In
Dave Margoshes    Bruce Rice             We Call Home     Bev Lundhal     Substance          dee Hobsbawn Smith
                                         Alison Lohans                    Annette Bower